Join Nick Lamagna as he sits down with guest Michael Burns, a real estate investor, lender, broker and host of The Freedom Lifestyle Experience Podcast.  Michael has founded companies such as Lifestyle lending, Inc and is flipping over 50 properties a year and has over 50 doors.  He has found success in real estate and found ways to involve his wife, brother, mother and even dog in their business!  His team has branched out over the years to integrate his real estate business vertically to expand into a brokerage and mortgage company in addition to the investing side.

Michael is always inspiring sharing his wins and losses so people can learn from the good and the bad of his journey and has invested in himself countless times to attend masterminds and network and do business with some of the best leaders in the industry and truly has built success on his relationships and discipline!  He takes care of his mind, body and business by being accountable, working on his mind and even repeatedly completing 75 Hard living what he preaches by truly creating a “Lifestyle” most people dream to achieve.

Topics for this episode include:

✅ Is A Balanced life A Misconception?

✅ Some risks of flipping houses most people do not know

✅ How to generate real estate leads with limited marketing 

✅ Should you get your realtors license or mortgage license as an investor?

✅ The power of social media for business ➡️ More!

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