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The partners at have been successfully doing real estate for over a decade.  From basic houses to luxury fix and flips, we have worked with real estate of all shapes and sizes.  In addition to operating our high level business, we have created curriculums and consulted for some of the biggest names in real estate.  We take pride in our name and reputation and for over ten years, we do what we say and we say what we do.  We value people and relationships and believe in doing everything with transparency and integrity.  Over the years, we have surrounded ourselves with some of the best minds in business and are excited to branch out and scale up our business with new investors and entrepreneurs to grow and succeed together.  We have  helped create many financial success stories for CEOs and Directors of businesses as well as for students.  Whatever we do we always bring our A-Game and look forward to working with others that are looking to do the same.  Please subscribe to our Podcast as we have very inspirational and exciting guests on often.  See below for some of the strategies we have done to see what interests you.

Fix and Flip/Rehabbing

We have completed countless fix and flips throughout the country in areas such as North Carolina, Arizona, Illinois, Georgia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Nevada, Florida, Indiana and New York among many others.  We have a great system of checks and balances for entry level right up to luxury level properties.   We have contacts nationwide and put great teams together to invest in properties from wherever we have a laptop and an internet connection. We specialize in knowing what and where to buy and will only fix and resell in areas where we have facts that justify our exit strategy. We do not guess or gamble. If you are interested in buying, investing or selling to us, please contact us or schedule a consultation.

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Passive Income/Cash Flow Rentals

Passive income is the key to true financial freedom.  We buy for cash flow so a tenant pays down our mortgage and we put some money in our pocket, but if purchased correctly, you can also gain appreciation in some emerging markets.  You just need a handful of the right properties and this alone can be a retirement plan for you!  We have purchased many “buy and hold” properties over the years and have the cashflow as well as the gains.  If you are interested in purchasing some of these, we can provide turnkey properties that are already fixed up, managed and rented out.  The day you purchase them, you become an instant cash flow investor making a rate of return on your money.  We have sold over 900 of these in the past years and are gearing up to do many more. This is an excellent place to park your money and protect it from RECESSION and INFLATION!  Contact us today to discuss buying, selling or partnering on turnkey cash flow properties.  Let’s build a nest-egg together.

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Multi Family/Commercial Real Estate

Why buy twenty properties when you can buy one building with twenty units in it?  This thought will open the door into commercial real estate for you.  Although the term commercial has many asset classes such as retail, land, mobile homes and many more, we focus heavily on multi family or apartment buildings.  Millionaires are created all the time owning just ONE apartment building.  Make sure to not jump in too fast because the stakes are high and you need to make sure you are responsibly and carefully protecting your hard earned money.  One type of investing these days is to acquire apartment buildings that are “Turnkey” or what is known as “Stabilized”.  This means the building is already cash flowing, occupied and making money.   There are also many investors that look for distressed, high vacancy and poorly managed buildings that they can buy low, fix up, rent out and sell or refinance and pull TAX FREE cash out!  There is really no wrong answer.  If you are interested in buying, selling or partnering on stabilized or value-add multi family properties contact us today to strategize the best way we can work together!

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Portfolio Packages

 Maybe one or two rentals is not enough?  This is where buying a portfolio could be the perfect fit for you.  A portfolio typically includes multiple properties that are all owned and/or managed by the same person.  These can be purchased in cash or lenders can often do 70-80% loan to value on these so you can increase your cash on cash return.  Investing in out of state, professionally managed portfolios of 5, 10, 20 even 50 properties could be all you need to retire.  In some markets, you can purchase 20-30 properties for under a million dollars, instead of markets like California and New York  where that may be the price of one home   and most are likely to have negative cash flow.  If you are interested in purchasing, selling or partnering on these types of portfolios, contact us today and let’s discuss how to best work together and make this an outstanding year.

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Some of wealthiest investors we come across are actually developers.  Have you ever driven around and seen empty land or out of business stores and had great idea for them but then a year or so later you see someone else is building on them?  Those are developers who are acting on the ideas you had as well!  The land or the building doesn’t necessarily have the value, but the potential of what that can turn into and how you follow through with that plan can be a million-dollar check. This is a process and can take some time and funds, but when handled properly can be a massive payday with many opportunities. The further down the line you take these projects with your cities and municipalities, the more value the project has.  You can make the decisions along the way to sell it, hold it or create a hybrid and have cash now and cash flow later.  We are actively seeking projects of developable land and buildings with extra land on it to make some great profits together. If you have identified any projects or land that sounds like it could be a great opportunity to develop, schedule a consultation to discuss options today.

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Wholesaling is a great strategy no matter what asset class, location or market you are in.  The principals of wholesale are to buy low and sell low.  Whether you are doing fix and flips, cash flow properties, portfolios or even multifamily apartment buildings, you can always wholesale.  The old theory of a quick nickel vs. a slow dime is wholesaling in a nutshell.  If you do not have the capital, the energy or the time to fix up a home or a building, you can wholesale that property to an investor (such as us) who has the time and capital to take that on. You, as the wholesaler can make a nice fee for bringing the investor a good deal that they would have not had if it weren’t for you, and everyone benefits and makes money!  We at not only buy properties from wholesalers but we also wholesale single family fix and flips, rentals, development projects and multi families.  If you are looking to acquire any of these types of properties or you are willing to sell them, contact us today to discuss opportunities for win-win wholesale deals as the buyer or the seller!

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If you would like your nest egg to grow and have your money make money while you sleep, becoming a lender can be a great way to invest in real estate.  There is a reason the banks are the biggest buildings in every major city!  There is a debt lender which is paid points and interest on what they lend, as well as an equity lender which would receive a portion of the profits or equity position in the property.  When lending, always make sure you consult attorneys and CPAs for advice.  It is extremely important to make sure you know all the risks and rewards of your potential investment.  Many lenders will also look to screen not only the deal but also the person they are lending to or borrowing from.  Both of these are equally important, make sure to always invest in assets or opportunities you feel educated and comfortable with as well as people you feel have integrity and a track record.

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