Jul 8, 2024

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with his guest Paul Do Campo the master of follow up systems so real estate investors can close more deals without spending more money on leads!  This pipeline welder turned investor and entrepreneur was a blue collar guy who found a better way to earn a buck.  He dove into real estate investing and realized off-market real estate investing has some obstacles and found a niche in creating notes with mobile homes, land flipping and found a gift in copywriting.

Paul now focuses on the follow up campaign with his company Rei Omnidrip maximizing the fortune, which is in the follow up!  His company has been the driving force behind some of the biggest names in real estate and marketing today!  He now provides an affordable solution to drip campaigns for investors just like you and I

Topics for this episode include:

✅ How to warm up cold leads the right way

✅ Can it actually be a good thing when people unsubscribe?

✅ Major mistake when using AI in business

✅ How to increase your delivery rate for messages

✅  BJJ lessons for life and business + More!

See the show notes to connect with all things Paul!

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