Jun 24, 2024

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with his guest Garrett Gunderson the master of personal finance and creating wealth and stand-up comedian bringing a refreshing and entertaining take to learning about financial freedom!  Garrett is an entrepreneur, investor, business owner, keynote speaker and educator who came from a family of coal miners and rewrote his story Coming from a family to take a different path and went on a journey of financial knowledge to understand money on a higher level.

He is a Money Ninja and has a black belt in finance who specializes in helping people make and KEEP more money in their pocket and enjoy a better quality of life.  He brings an absolutely refreshing take on teaching us about money and finance as he has brought his love of comedy to the topic to keep our attention and entertain us as he educates us as well.

He has been gaining traction now in the comedy world  as many have caught his hilarious and intellectually stimulating comedy special called The America Ream.  He is a Wall Street Journal and New York Times Best Selling author and has a fantastic new book out NOW called Money Unmasked.  He is now on track to bring love and laughter to a billion lives adding to his amazing resume as a renaissance man being a whiskey sommelier, coffee barista, a bow hunter and truly one of the most interesting men in the world!

Topics for this episode include:

✅ Are you creating a false definition of success for yourself?

✅ What is the new social currency people want to see

✅ The Correlation between public speaking and comedy

✅ How to avoid living a life of regret

✅ How to find happiness and fulfillment in life

✅ The process to become great at something + More!

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