Join Nick Lamagna as he sits down with guest Jason Chambers, an investor, Former Pro fighter, Jiu JItsu Blackbelt, actor, commentator host of The Jason Chambers Podcast and star of the ground breaking show “Human Weapon.”

Jason earned a blackbelt under  Renzo Gracie and brown belt from Eddie Bravo.  Combined with his discipline from a life of martial arts and experience traveling the world  he brings a unique and entertaining perspective to this interview and his podcast combining life lessons as an actor and entrepreneur as well as a crypto enthusiast and investor.

Jason is a pro on the mic after  commentating for such places as Bellator, OneFC and Fightpass     .  He has been seen on such shows as Days of Our Lives, CSI and you can catch him in the upcoming move Ask Me To Dance.  Check him out multiple times a week on his hit The Jason Chambers Podcast.

Topics for this episode include:

✅ Strategies for success in marketing and business

✅ What is an irreplaceable commodity worth more than money

✅ The 80/20/30 Rule to crypto investing

✅ Niche Marketing vs wide marketing vs Joe Rogan anomaly 

✅ What is the most effective martial art after filming Human Weapon ➡️ More!

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