Join Nick Lamagna as he sits down with guest George Salas, who shares his creative strategies to build up to a monthly six figure passive income real estate portfolio through  short term rentals.  George tells an incredibly inspirational tale of coming to this country from Peru and going from athlete to entrepreneur, business owner and successful real estate investor.  George has had his ups and downs losing his life savings and building up to a millionaire with an astounding portfolio of passive investments in under five years!  He now not only is in a financially free position but he also helps other through his educational company “Elevate,” and his workshops “Five Houses To Freedom.”

Topics for this episode include:

✅ The 5 pillars you need to know to successfully invest in short term rentals/air bnb

✅ Amazing arbitrage strategy to build up massive rental income without ever qualifying for a loan

✅ How to evaluate if a market is good for short term rentals

✅ What are some quick formulas to analyze a short term rental opportunity?

✅ What happens if you lose everything ➡️ More!

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