Jun 10, 2024

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with his guest Henry Washington the King of the Closing Table!  Henry is a full time real estate investor, author, educator and podcast host!  You can find him co-hosting the very popular On The Market Podcast and see tons of great content on his social media channels.  A panic attack when he worked in IT triggered the need for a drastic change to his financial future and of course he found real estate investing!

He is now a business owner, Entrepreneur and full time real estate investor  using small banks, private money and seller financing to build a portfolio of over 100 units as well as doing flips, BRRRR deals, creative finance deals, and even mobile home parks!  He has a massive toolbelt of real estate strategies he has paired with people skills to build himself a brand to feed his family for a lifetime and create an excellent reputation in the industry. He is about to release his first book published by the world famous Biggerpockets and he now helps investors find their success in real estate through his Mastermind, The Closing Table.

Topics for this episode include:

✅ How to choose the best real estate strategy to invest in

✅ What are the best banks to fund real estate deals

✅ Why you should not invest in real estate alone

✅ How to handle hard conversations in business

✅ How can entrepreneurs avoid getting burned out + More!

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