Mar 18, 2024

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with his guest Matt Larson, one of the most well known virtual real estate investors in the country with a super power of finding, hiring and training virtual assistants to scale your real estate business and truly get your time back.  Matt went from a shop worker in Illinois to completing over 4000 transactions today with a value of over 85 million dollars.

He has done it all from fix and flips to owning over 400 rentals and countless wholesale deals.  Looking to truly create the 4 hour work week he began creating systems and processes to run his multimillion dollar investing business utilizing overseas VA’s.  He now helps investors do the same through his companies Rapid Assistants and The Deal Lab with some huge feathers in his cap of entrepreneurs he has trained including the one and only Tony Robbins!

Topics for this episode include:

 How to recognize a real estate market opportunity

✅ Top tasks real estate investors can have VA’s do

✅ How to stop having long unnecessary business meetings

✅ Virtual Assistants or artificial intelligence for investors?

✅ How important is good English for your virtual assistant

✅ Should virtual assistants get paid bonuses + More!

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