Mar 25, 2024

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with his guest Kevin Chemidlin the founder and host of Grow The Show!  Kevin went from  a software developer to Entrepreneur, Mastermind founder, Podcast host and marketing master.  He pivoted his focus after hitting Podcast burnout on his successful first podcast he then zigged and zagged and did a deep dive into the top podcasts in the world and found the SECRET SAUCE!

He has since tested, proven and taught this over and over again to countless podcasters, influencers and business owners across the nation and the results are staggering.  As the host of Grow The Show his podcast has grown to over 100,000 listeners and $100,000 in revenue in almost record time.  You can catch Grow the Show everywhere to listen and watch Kevin share his massively successful recipe for success and lessons learned from the most successful Podcasts and Podcasters in the world.

As he approaches a 7 figure business and counting he has been shouted out by some of your favorite influencers and entrepreneurs as being the man responsible for the success of their brand and podcast growth! He is on a mission to Help YOU Grow and Monetize YOUR podcast and brand! Do not miss his brand new live upcoming training!  See the show notes for details on Grow The Show LIVE!

Topics for this episode include:

 Quickly build your brand through podcasts

✅ What is relationship capital and why is it important?

✅ Is it too late to start a successful podcast?

✅ How to correctly use social media to grow your audience

✅ Three steps for getting more listeners to your podcast

✅ how can you make money doing a podcast?

✅ Tips for beginners starting a podcast + More!

See the show notes to connect with all things Kevin!


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