May 27, 2024

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with his guest Zach Lemaster the founder of a Rent To Retirement who is on a mission to help investors access the best deals across the nation.  He is a former Dr. and Air Force Veteran turned entrepreneur and full time real estate investor!  Zach found his niche focusing on emerging markets and remote real estate Investing by finding the areas with the most opportunities to help you leave your 9-5 through passive income and appreciation rather than the areas with closest proximity to your backyard.

Zach and Rent To Retirement have become one of the top Turnkey investment companies in the nation.  He has created his own 7 figure portfolio through single family, multifamily and other asset classes he holds as long term, short term and mid term rentals maximizing the highest and best use of each asset to find profit in a sometimes difficult market.  He has a keen eye for opportunities and has some amazing tips and tricks to get some great deals and incentives from builders and acquire new construction opportunities that can provide stability and income for years to come with lower deferred maintenance up front.  Tons of great insight for the new or experienced investor in this outstanding episode!

Topics for this episode include:

✅ Real estate investors top opportunities coming

✅ Best markets for cash flow real estate investing

✅ Are midterm rentals a good real estate investment?

✅ Benefits of build to rent and new construction investing

✅ Top out of state real estate investing mistakes + More!

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