Jun 3, 2024

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with his guest Daniil Kleyman, massively successful real estate developer well known as the founder of the investor friendly software The Rehabvaluator!  Daniil came over from Moscow and settled in Virginia after trying life on Wall Street and turned full time to real estate investing.  He mastered many asset classes and has created a life of financial independence going from fix and flips, to rentals and finding his niche and a great deal of wealth through ground up construction and developments.  His build to rent strategy and creative methods of finding profits multiple ways in deals that most people do not see has helped him to acquire a portfolio currently valued over 50 Million dollars!

Daniil not only invests himself but is also a well-known educator who runs the Mastermind group known as the Inner Circle.  His famous software the Rehabvaluator has been around for years and is constantly being updated and improved to assist investors in analyzing, buying, managing and selling their real estate projects!  He has been investing for well over a decade and displays an incredible amount of knowledge and experience he shares with all of us during this excellent episode!


Topics for this episode include:

✅ How to get an accurate repair bid for your real estate

✅ How the average person can build a real estate portfolio

✅ How real estate professionals can manage contractors effectively

✅ Retire through new construction and real estate development

✅ The coming crisis in commercial real estate investing + More!

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