Aug 14, 2023

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with his guest Corey Geary an entrepreneur who has completed over 1000 flips, wholesaled properties and specializes in Novations.  Corey is a former blackjack dealer turned real estate investor, crypto millionaire and founder of Novation Nation!  He has overcame extreme financial, personal and professional obstacles over the years to come out on top battle hardships and addictions to now be known as one of the most innovative and sought after real estate educators and investors in the nation.

On top of investing In oil and gas and crypto he runs a crypto mastermind and has taught countless investors his novation strategies to put more deals in your pipeline with more profits per deal!  He’s been a part of $15 million worth of transactions and growing. He routinely works with the number one wholesaler in the world. He has one of the fastest growing businesses in the wholesale industry.  This is a true rock story that many can relate to with bumps and bruises along the journey to reinvent himself through perseverance, masterminds and mentorships to create personal happiness, fulfillment and success in all aspects of his life.

Topics for this episode include:

✅ Ways to avoid hiring a bad contractor

✅ What are novation agreements and what are the benefits of them?

✅ Is there still a chance to make millions in crypto?

✅ How to find an investor friendly real estate agent

✅ Top mistakes to avoid in wholesaling real estate

✅ Top mistakes investing in crypto currency

✅  Why David Olds and Sean Terry are awesome + More!

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