Aug 21, 2023

Bonus Re-Release archive episode with the man himself Adam Adams!  We have to have him back on soon check him out in the meantime to see all the amazing physcial and professional transformations he has made since our last episode!  Congrats on all your success AAA!

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with guest “Triple A” Adam Adams!  Adam is a true entrepreneur with a successful background in real estate investing.  Adam has a heavy portfolio partnering on of over 1100 multi family units and is a founding member of The BlueSpruce Group and has raised millions in private funds as well as educated other investors on how to do the same!

Adam was named a “Master Investor,” by THINK Realty Magazine and recognized him as one of the top 6 MeetUp organizers in the world in 2018. He is the co-host of the Creative Real Estate Podcast and host of “The Podcast on Podcasting.”  He now takes his knowledge and experience on growing an audience and building a business to help others produce and grow their podcast as well as helps entrepreneurs scale their business through the use of virtual assistants.  Adams podcast production company assists getting your podcast in front of more as the expert in your field, they are known in the industry as ‘The easy button for podcasters.”

Check the show notes to find all the ways to connect with Adam on utilizing his resources on podcasting, real estate and scaling your business with VA’s!


Topics this episode include:

✅ Be the solution to other people’s problems

✅ Getting real estate confidence back after taking some losses

✅ Property Management Tips

✅ Important due diligence items for multi family real estate

✅ What to do when starting a podcast

✅ How to figure out who you should be marketing to

✅ How to grow a massive meetup group


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