Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with guest Bryce Mckinley, founder of REI Results Academy and Every House, a national real estate investing company. Bryce has perfected the sales conversation over 20 years of consulting with various Fortune 500 companies like Ford, Nissan, Tyco, and ADT and sharing the stage as a keynote speaker with such names such as Tai Lopez.  Bryce stumbled on wholesaling real estate while he was living out of his car.  He figured out how to use what he knew about sales to generate leads and start closing deals his first month. What’s more impressive is he didn’t spend a dime on advertising and did it all from his local library.  Using his unique rapport building (Warm with FORM) and questioning (RAQ) technique he’s been able to close almost every deal over the phone, only ever walking 4 properties

Topics on this episode include:

  • How Michael overcame addiction and major personal tragedy to become positive and successful
  • The importance of shifting your mind to focus and achieve your goals
  • Tactical tips on how to approach issues in life and business using easy to remember acronyms
  • What the 1% do that you should be doing daily
  • Learning to ask for advice
  • The importance of utilizing others experience to save you time and money in business
  • What separates those who succeed from those who do not
  • What are common mistakes new investors make
  • What are some things to look for when choosing a market to invest in

And More!

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