Dec 25, 2023

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with his guest Jeremy Knauff is a former US Marine turned well known Publicist who is the founder of Spartan Media and is known as the guy who gets people like YOU featured in the media so you can become a recognized authority in your industry, attract more clients, and earn more money! Tired of doing podcasts and social media and getting no traction or growth?  This is the guy for you!

This entrepreneur, author and former digital marketer found himself in the fight of his life after fighting an auto-immunie Illness that almost killed him and put him out of commission for 2 years.  He used his grit he developed through wrestling and the military to not only recover but thrive and rebuild into the master connector he has become today.

He has a new book coming out called the Public Relations Manifesto and now uses the lessons he has learned not only in business but in life to help save and inspire Veterans suffering from depression and ptsd find peace and hope.  He also runs the Real Estate CEO Mastermind to help entrepreneurs and real estate professionals take a more direct path to success through relationships.

Topics for this episode include:

✅ How can a publicist help real estate investors

✅ What not to do on social media

✅ What to avoid when looking for more media exposure

✅ How to get more exposure for your brand or business

✅ How to use A.I. to build your brand + More!

See the show notes to connect with all things Jeremy!

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