Jan 8, 2024

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with his guest Sam Primm, a highly successful real estate investor who went from working a full time job in Missouri to now owning over 45 Million dollars in real estate and flipping over 1000 homes in under five years!  He is taking the internet by storm with literally millions of followers on his social media platforms where his brand Faster Freedom shares knowledge on real estate education frequently getting 6-10 million views a month.

He and his partner now close over 300 transactions a year including flipping, wholesaling, wholetaling, and rental properties through the BRRRR Method where they are often into properties with no money out of pocket.  They also run other related businesses with 30 employees including a property management company and a real estate education company where they share their knowledge and guide investors just like you to financial freedom.  Check out this outstanding full episode full of valuable information for new and experienced investors and check out Sam’s new book Own Your Freedom available on Amazon!

Topics for this episode include:

✅ How can you get a NO MONEY DOWN loan from the bank to buy real estate

✅ The truth about passive income in real estate investing

✅ What Is the future of social media?

✅ What does year one as a full time real estate investor look like?

✅ Financial advice from a billionaire for real estate investors

✅ Is active income more important than passive income + More!

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