Nov 6, 2023

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with his guest Jim Oliver, a master of the Infinite Banking Concept teaching the average person to BE YOUR OWN BANK!  He is an entrepreneur, author and format casket builder originally Fighting out of California, he grew up in a less than stellarfinancial position now successful financial wizard and business owner.  Jim owns 22 (YES 22!) businesses including his crown jewel,  a financial planning firm he founded known as Create Tailwind.

Pivoting to building wealth beyond wall street they have Helped 1000s of individuals and businesses achieve financial success being their own bank teaching people their need for FINANCE over need for investment.  He also spreads his message on the “Breakaway Wealth Podcast,” as they teach the Infinite banking Concept to acquire businesses, assets and find ways to pay less taxes and get more deductions.  All of this is accomplished through the principles of Abundance, Freedom and Control.   He has a new book coming out titled MAKE BANK WITHOUT THE BANK available this month!

Topics for this episode include:

✅ What is the infinite banking concept

✅ How inflation affects your assets and savings

✅ Is the money or the deal more important?

✅ Is it too late to save for retirement?

✅ Two major crisis affecting our country we need to know

✅ Compound interest explained for beginners  + More!

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