Oct 30, 2023

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with his guest Nick Legamaro aka “Nick The Note Guy.”  He is the CEO OF USA Note Pro and Principal Managing Partner of Rylex Capital LLC and has done over 1200 creative financing note transactions in over 21 states!  Nick is one of the most unique investors you will find as he has become a master of finding tons of monthly cash flow without ever actually having to own the real estate.  Why be a LANDLORD when you have officially met a LIENLORD!

Nick has seen and done it all in this business and whether you’re looking for a way to buy your own home to live in, trying to get deals in a competitive market, find ways to get better cash flow with less liability or just add a new strategy for acquisitions and dispositions THIS is the episode for YOU!  Nick has been so successful with this recession proof strategy that he even sold one of the companies he built to a Federally Chartered Bank!

Want to deal with the bank or do you want to BE THE BANK?!  Nick Legamaro shares with us how you can act like a bank and create and sell real estate mortgage notes that are secured and protected.  Learn from the best in the business on how he has been able to sell almost $100 Million in paper to banks and other institutions!  This is a very unique episode, take good notes!


Topics for this episode include:

✅ Making Millions buying and selling notes like the banks

✅ Should you invest in real estate now or wait for the market to shift

✅ What is the most valuable asset you can own

✅ The difference between performing and non performing notes

✅ How to make money on a house with no equity

✅ What are the obstacles of a subject to deal

✅ If you own properties you may be doing real estate wrong + More!


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