Oct 2, 2023

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with his guest Jake Dean!   Jake dean is a former mortgage broker who transitioned into being an MMA and Jiu Jitsu fighter and took his lessons and discipline learned in the cage and on the mats into a very successful transition into real estate investing.  Starting out on the single family side selling turnkey rentals to high net worth clients he gained some traction and confidence as an acquisition and deal specialist.

After getting comfortable in his residential real estate business he felt the need to be challenged again and the stars alined when he met his next mentor, Tyler Deveraux of MF Capital Partners and Multifamily Mindset.  Tyler opened up Jake’s eyes to the possibilities of commercial real estate and Jake bit down on his mouth piece and started swinging at bigger deals!  Since then, he has accumulated control of assets worth over $29M over at least 5 different states through his relationships and syndications.

His fund The Regal Fund, is gaining traction nationwide providing investors with the opportunity to yield the same incredible returns that multifamily real estate can provide, while also diversifying over several deals at once. Jake took his tenacity and grit he learned in fighting and real estate and even used that to battle the biggest fight of his life in a recent cancer diagnosis.  You will be blown away at the mindset, perspective, relatability and sincerity Jake shows throughout this inspiring, fun and even at times very emotional discussion.  This is one of a kind just like Jake Dean!   Check it out!

Topics for this episode include:

✅ How to flip properties during a recession

✅ How to go from residential to commercial real estate investing

✅ How to stop missing out on opportunities

✅ Picking the wrong accountability partners can do more harm than good

✅ Amazing positive lesson learned from a cancer diagnosis

✅ Should you invest full time or get a job? + More!

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