Oct 16, 2023

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with his guest Nayia Pierrakos, a real estate investor who came over from the legendary SPARTA Greece and has achieved massive success as a real estate investor often using her proven system of structuring creative real estate and creative financing deals to have multiple exit strategies, safety nets and ways to profit on each and every deal.  Nayia is an author, speaker, mother of 3 and an educator founding Wealth Thru Real Estate teaching investors her method to become a  “Value Amplifier,” and bring the right energy and intention to win more sellers over with win-win solutions for everyone involved.

After 20 years in the real estate game Nayia has seen her ups and downs but used her Sparta Fighting Spirit to never give up and constantly reinvent herself stronger than before personally and professionally.  She has bought and sold over $30 Million in real estate personally and constantly works to find gratitude and balance along the way to be present and enjoy the adventure.

After achieving personal financial freedom through her proven system of creative real estate often using no money, no banks and no credit checks her companies Wealth Thru Real Estate and Grateful Family Partners are on a mission to help 1000 families become millionaires through her Value Amplifier Methods while helping them achieve their greatest potential and positive impact on the world!  Do not miss this episode where Nayia breaks down her method and even doesn an outstanding breakdown of a creative deal you will be sure to take away massive value from!


Topics for this episode include:

✅ Creative Real Estate Deal Examples

✅ What is Creative Deal Structuring & Why Do It?

✅ Create 50k profit with no money down in real estate

✅ Big mistake beginner real estate investors make

✅ How to find seller financed real estate deals

✅ The importance of patience in closing real estate deals + More!


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