Mark Evans, DM, DN is a 7 time, best-selling author, full-time world traveler and full-time virtual real estate investor. He is a master at creating multiple streams of income and is a life-long student of marketing. As such, he has turned his attention toward reaching out to others; to teach them how to live life on their terms and how the secret to success is just being willing to DO THE WORK!

Today, he sits down with Nick to talk about how he started his career, his philosophy at work and his charity work.

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  • [email protected]
  • (630) 384-9443


Show Notes

  • Nick introduces Mark and asks him about his upbringing – 4:25
  • Contrary to most people, Mark began his career in real estate at a very young age – 7:40
  • Avoiding frustrations when dealing with everyday issues – 9:55
  • There are problems everywhere, do you see them as opportunities or obstacles? – 11:05
  • The importance of being able to make decisions – 12:32
  • Brotherhood inside the business and Mark’s charity work – 13:43
  • The more we give the more we make – 19:50
  • The most common trouble Mark sees from people that are either starting or wanting to grow their business – 20:10
  • A mindset problem, you should be willing to do the work! – 24:30
  • No one will care about your business as you do –  27:09
  • Employees are not a cost, they are an investment – 27:40
  • How you should use your team to make you better – 31:30
  • Pitfalls to look out for when you are starting to hire employees – 33:44
  • Mark’s first virtual deals – 37:10
  • How the shift of the market would affect Mark’s business – 40:35


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