Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with guest Nabih Barakat former professional fighter, muay thai kickboxing coach and founder of the fast growing product The Calf Guard featured on The Joe Rogan Podcast!  Nabih has been around martial arts and MMA for well over a decade and has trained alongside and competed against some of the biggest names in the sport.  After taking on more of a focus on coaching he saw a need for a protective equipment and started turning his idea into a reality.  The timing could not be better with such high profile fights featuring calf kicks such as the recent Conor McGregor fight, the Calf Guard promotion took on a life of it’s own being featured but such notables as Cory Sandhagen and Eric Nicksick!  Great episode with tons of valuable lessons that anyone in business or fighting will definitely enjoy and take lessons from!

Topics on this episode include:

  • Using downtime during quarantine to take action on your ideas
  • How ideas start out and turn into million dollar businesses and inventions
  • How “The Calf Guard” came about and why it is a game changer for coaches and athletes in kickboxing and mixed martial arts (MMA)
  • Discussing Duane Ludwig, Trevor Wittman & Ben Askren
  • Ever seen a product and think to yourself, “I thought about that years ago!”
  • Why ideas with no action can cost you millions
  • Stages of development for products
  • Timing can be everything in business
  • Is it more important to have more followers on your social media business page or the right followers
  • The amazing priceless benefits of word of mouth advertising when you have a product that people need
  • The importance of self belief and why fear has killed more dreams than failure
  • How mixed martial arts has helped in business
  • Current state of Mixed Martial Arts and entertainment vs athleticism building stars

And More!

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