Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast and Real Estate Investor
Chris Arnold who operates in Dallas, but lives on the Caribbean in
Mexico! Starting as a Century 21 agent making 3%, to a successful
Fix and Flip period, to now launching one of the top masterminds in
the country, Multipliers Brotherhood and Co-founder of COSA
Investments, one of the largest wholesale companies in the DFW
Metroplex. Transitioning from agent to investor & teaching people
how to invest and find deals via radio from Mexico is the way for Chris
By the end of this episode, you will learn what you need to start
investing and finding the motivated sellers. Whether being a broker,
investor or wholesaler, Chris always begins by emphasizing getting
leads and referrals. He shares his principles about getting lean to
manage expenses in the current covid environment while being able
to stay fluid and not lock yourself down to one method along with
much much more! You don’t want to miss Chris’s unreal and unique
Living The Dream!

About Chris Arnold:
Chris Arnold is a highly successful real estate investor in Mexico who
operates in Dallas, TX.  Chris Arnold Premier Realty is extremely
specialized in their industry and they work with every aspect of real
estate representing sellers, buyers, investors, and banks. They offer
exclusive programs such as “6 Months – No Payments” where they
are able to get you into a home and have the first six months of your
mortgage payments covered for you. They also have a “Love it or
Leave it” program where if you buy a home and need to sell it for any
reason in the first year, they will resell it for 0% commission. If you
need to sell your home before buying another one they can even
guarantee to get you a full price offer, or they will pay the difference
out of their pocket. They have utilized these programs for years in
order to provide buyers and sellers an advantage over the market
when buy and selling.

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