Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast as The State cast interviews
continue with the great Kevin Allison. Kevin is an accomplished actor, TV
host, writer, producer and director who got his start in the early 90’s in
MTV’s The State Sketch show. Allison created and hosts the uncensored
weekly audio podcast RISK, a storytelling show “where people tell true
stories they never thought they’d dare to share.” RISK is also a monthly live
show in New York City and Los Angeles. Kevin has simply “done it all” in
the entertainment fields and gave us a very heartfelt, generous inside look.
By the end of this episode, you will learn lessons from Kevin Allison that
you can apply to many aspects of life and business not just entertainment.
Kevin gives entrepreneurial tips on his success, shares an amazing piece
of advice that he received from legendary Director Spike Lee while
attending NYU that he still values today, and he gives his insight about
some ways to find and keep good people on your team in and out of
Hollywood. This again is a special episode with a very talented, driven,
hilarious and kind person. Lets keep The State interviews going and you
will not be disappointed, check it out on all platforms and especially on
Youtube with the links below to get the full Kevin Allison visual experience!
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recording and T-Shirt where funds will go to charity!
About Kevin Allison:
Born February 16, 1970 in Ohio, Kevin Allison started as a comedic writer
and actor even before attending NYU. Now perhaps best known as a
writing and performing member of The State on MTV. Some of those
unforgettable sketches on the show starring Allison include “Taco Mail,”
“Mr. Magina”, “Dreamboy”, and “The Jew, the Italian, and the Redhead
Allison hosts the free audio podcast RISK!. He is the creator of this
storytelling show “where people tell true stories they never thought they’d
dare to share.” RISK! is also a live show in New York City
Angeles. Allison tours to other cities with the show on a consistent basis as

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