Join Nick Lamagna (The A Game Podcast) and Alvin Hope Johnson (Hope Housing Foundation) as they talk about making decisions and building relationships. Alvin is the president of Hope Housing Foundation, a non-profit entity that aims to provide affordable housing to those who need it. From the lowest point of his life to the height of his career, Alvin gives us the life lessons that will inspire us to make significant decisions right now. You don’t want to miss this!

Learn how Alvin Hope Johnson built his brand through the decisions he’s made and by building relationships! Tune in to The A Game Podcast!

A Life of Making Decisions

Alvin gives us a look at the ups and downs of his life sparked by the decisions that he’s made. Young Alvin earned his first million as a paint contractor at twenty years of age but was broke at twenty-four because of bad choices made for the business. His family was left with nothing but their last bowl of oatmeal on his son’s third birthday. Feeling unable to continue anymore, he chose the easy way out and committed suicide. Fortunately, Alvin survived and decided to start over again because of the people who believed in him. When he failed in real estate, Alvin drove cross-country for three years and wound up in Texas. He switched jobs to work at a chemical plant for a couple of years but burned out and went back to his first love, real estate. In 1996, his first mortgage company did well but fell apart in 2000. Jumping a bit further, he became the interim president for a billion-dollar firm that he only served for within 13 months! However, he got fired after the company filed for bankruptcy but took the offer to be the president of Hope Housing Foundation, where he now builds relationships and helps others!

“What about the guy who just decided to make a decision? He’s 45 years old. He’s 35 years old. He’s 55 years old, and he doesn’t have 30 years of history behind him.” – Alvin Hope Johnson. Catch Alvin Hope Johnson on The A Game Podcast!

Success Through Building Relationships and Helping Others

Hope Housing Foundation is established on relationships and helping others. Alvin’s core is to provide housing to the people that need it. When Alvin does business, it’s about helping somebody else achieve their dreams, which makes his own come true as well. Whether it’s somebody looking to provide a better home for their family, trying to get a better standard of living or even just wanting to make a profit by selling real estate, he wants to help people as much as possible. To have the capacity to do that, they need funds. At its initial stage, the organization accumulated funds through partnerships with friends and individuals. Today, they have about 1400 units, raised over 30 million dollars, and paid it all back without missing a dividend payment. Head over to the podcast if you want to know how Alvin aims to reach his goal of having 20,000 units!

“It’s more about me helping somebody else make their dreams come true, which will automatically make mine come true!” – Alvin Hope Johnson. Listen in to The A Game Podcast!

About Alvin Hope Johnson:

Alvin Hope Johnson is a beloved and prominent member of his Texas community. He is the President of the non-profit entity Hope Housing Foundation, aimed at providing affordable housing developments. In addition to his philanthropic work as head of the Hope Housing Foundation, Alvin Hope Johnson also manages Assertive Management Group, LLC., a privately owned property management firm aiding in his foundation’s development, and Empowered Services of Texas, a general contracting firm that handles all of the foundation’s renovation ventures. The three businesses are centrally located in the Dallas, Texas area.

Alvin Hope Johnson is a man with a humble beginning. Early in his life, Alvin had to make some difficult choices that saw him taking whatever jobs could pay the bills. This led Alvin towards various sectors of the construction and development industry, often going door to door just to offer handyman services. A long way from where he started, Alvin Hope Johnson grew these skills into a successful and booming real estate development career. He attributes his success to the drive that his mentors and leaders taught him to harness along the way. For this reason, Alvin has dedicated his life to becoming a public speaker in addition to his business aspirations, so that he may inspire the next generation – or anyone out there trying to achieve their dreams – to claim the success they dream of.

Outline of the Episode:

  • [00:42] The calming presence of Alvin Hope Johnson
  • [03:20] Grant Cardone, Alvin’s pastor, and the person who hasn’t made a decision yet
  • [05:33] Starting with an attitude of a quitter to earning his first million
  • [09:00] Losing everything, eating the last bowl of oatmeal during his son’s third birthday, and surviving a suicide attempt
  • [10:00] Getting another chance at life: doing different kinds of jobs and starting new businesses
  • [11:40] Becoming an interim president of a billion-dollar company after serving for 13 months
  • [16:25] Getting fired after bankruptcy and working with Hope Housing Foundation; The organization starting from nothing to 30 million
  • [24:15] Making decisions and Alvin’s desire of helping people who want to do good or just want to make money
  • [30:35] Addressing people who think he can’t last six in the business
  • [37:15] Alvin’s opinions about the market climate and how different it is before
  • [40:21] How social media is used as a tool and not as a weapon and how it has changed the way people do business
  • [49:20] Grant Cardone displaying his $12 million dollar plane to show that it is possible and that making decisions changes lives
  • [52:40] Getting hurt by blowing past the red flags and not noticing them
  • [56:30] Commitments and why people fail at them


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