Join Nick Lamagna (The A Game Podcast) and Tiffany High as they discuss her strategies and philosophies to earning six figures monthly in real estate. Especially now that the global situation is getting worse, we must adapt and make the right decisions quickly to keep your business alive. She provides advice on outsourcing the right kind of people, explains the importance of mentors, and preparing for the future. Tiffany also shares her experience with hedge funds and why they might not be the best choice for your business.

By the end of this episode, you will learn to stick to your core values, focus on the things you’re good at, and be fearless. Stay tuned, and enjoy the podcast!

About Tiffany High:

A Real Estate Solutions Company. We buy houses as-is, pay all closing costs, and move on your time line!

Heels Homes, LTD is your premier real estate solutions company. Our comprehensive knowledge of the real estate business and network of resources allows us to offer homeowners a variety of solutions to any real estate problem, while improving communities in every city we work in.

• We buy houses cash
• We can close quickly or on your timeline – as little as 9 days
• We provide a fast and hassle-free transaction
• Get peace of mind working with experts

Connect with Tiffany High:

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