Join Nick Lamagna as he sits down with guest Kelly Stumphauzer who is the biggest turnkey real estate investor in the entire country!  Some of the biggest names in real estate constantly drop Kelly’s name as one of the most well respected names in the industry. Kelly has many business and most notably her companies Prosper Cleveland and Limitless Turnkey have an impeccable reputation and she has successfully completed well over 1000 deals.  In this episode Kelly shares incredible tips and lessons learned going from a single mom of three making under $15,000 a year to creating a multimillion dollar business.  You will not want to miss this episode filled with valuable tactical and inspirational content to help you limit your risk, build systems and processes as well as leave a happy trail of buyers, lenders and friends along the way!

Topics for this episode include:

✅ How to properly screen contractors 

✅ How to have a better experience with property management

✅ What market investors all over the world are investing in

✅ What to look for in a good turnkey real estate provider

✅ Who should be on a multimillion dollar real estate team 

✅ How to turn buyers into  private lenders ➡️ More!

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