Jul 24, 2023

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with his guest Eric Brewer, The King of Novations and the originator of the now famous “Brewer Method!” If you are not currently using this as a real estate investor you NEED to listen to this episode!  Eric is a Military veteran who transitioned into the car business currently fighting out of Pennsylvania!  After becoming a Dad, he made a decision to get out of cars and into houses originally becoming a lender and specializing in Finance he then began his journey as a real estate investor.

Using the skills he acquired in his past life experiences he quickly became a rock star doing over 70 deals in his first year and now completing over 200 annually with his company Integrity Home Buyers!  He is known today for for his unique approach to, “Novation Agreements”  known as “The Brewer Method.” which has been a massive reason why some of the biggest investors in the game have been profitable in this changing real estate market.

He is one of the most well known and well respected entrepreneurs, speakers and investor in the real estate game doing everything from Turnkey properties to the BRRRRR strategy to flips, wholesaling and creative finance deals all while being a full time Dad, husband and coach!  This is one for the archives to be played over and over again!


Topics for this episode include:

✅ Why massive action is actually NOT the key to success

✅ How to act when someone says you cant do something

✅ What is the BEST buyers list to sell your properties for top dollars

✅ What is The Brewer Method

✅ The difference between ARV and CCRV in real estate

✅ 3 things needed to do a successful NOVATION deal

✅ How are novations affected if the market changes ➡️  ➡️  ➡️

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