Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with his guest, Matt Merenoff, as they talk about his experience in short sales and rules, tips and advice on dealing with sellers, lenders and buyers. Matt is the author of the book “Short Sale Savage: The Untold Stories,” coming out in November 2020.  Matt is known as The Short Sale Savage and his company Real Estate Recovery Group have done tons of short sales and are known as an industry leader in completing them with a higher success rate than most and conducting business with ethics and care.  Matt gives insider info and tells some crazy stories about some of the tactics, wins and experiences he has under his belt including a story of putting his OWN house into short sale intentionally.  You will NOT want to miss this high level interview with a real estate master in his niche with a big heart and a New Jersey edge!  Matt has an Online Short Sale Boot Camp October 23, 2020 check out the link in show notes!

By the end of this episode you will understand why there is a MASSIVE opportunity coming involving short sales with the state of our real estate market!  You will learn why it’s important to put people ahead of money when dealing with preforeclosure and short sales.  You will have a better understanding on what a short sale is and what the options are!

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