Jan 29, 2024

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with his guest Cole Taylor an entrepreneur and founder of The Starting Line now known as one of the top health and performance coaches to CEO’s.  He specializes in helping high performers find a way to maximize their health and nutrition without sacrificing the revenue generating responsibilities.  Many top executives and business owners struggle to find the time to exercise and eat right and only realize they have been going too hard for too long without the right fuel when it’s too late.  All the money in the world makes no difference if you do not have your health but Cole is here to help you get BOTH!

This minister and athlete turned business owner, coach and consultant decided he wanted to make a bigger impact on the world combining his love of fitness with his passion for business building.  The Starting Line is a concierge service for business owners who have now helped over 50,000 executives transform their life and body, increase energy, clarity and confidence.  the results carry over to their professional lives without having to prepare their own meals or even design their own workouts, limiting the already full plate of decisions entrepreneurs make daily.   Check out The Starting Line for coaching and their podcast today!

Topics for this episode include:

✅ Entrepreneur health and nutrition tips with a busy schedule

✅ Three steps to better eating habits with a busy schedule

✅ How does travel affect your metabolism

✅ Things to know before intermittent fasting

✅ How to turn losses into lessons

✅ Why working too hard can actually hurt you + More!

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