Feb 19, 2024

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with his guest Brian Luebben a full time real estate investor who is truly living the life of Financial Freedom documenting his incredible journey traveling the world on his passive income built off of his passion!  He is also a business owner, Author and founder of the Action Academy and host of the Action Academy Podcast publishing an impressive episode daily with millionaire after millionaire sharing their journey for you to learn from.

Brian reached the highest points in the corporate ladder only to realize he did not like the view and made a bold decision to leave his high paying corporate career with all the promise in the world and walking away from a comfortable salary to chase his passion and create truly passive income and travel the world.  He bought a one way ticket and took the chance of lifetime documenting the entire process through his podcast and company Sexton Media Group capturing the interest of entrepreneurs and investors all over the world who now subscribe to follow his journey.

His new book is out now Passive to Passionate and he is on a mission to help people become wealthy finding fun, fulfillment and freedom without sacrificing everything to accomplish this goal.  He has built an amazing community known as The Action Academy where people who make a comfortable living are supported to stop trading their time for money and truly go from passive to passionate!

Topics for this episode include:

✅ The Fundamental Rule For Happiness As A Real Estate Investor

✅ What Are the Three Levels Of Cash Flow?

✅ Lessons Learned About People From Living All Over The World

✅ The Five Simple Steps Of Every Real Estate Transaction

✅ How To Leave Your Job By Pursuing Your Passion And Creating Passive Income

✅ The Nightmare Of The American Dream  + More!

See the show notes to connect with all things Brian and Action Academy!

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