December 28, 2022

Re-Release #7 of 10 of The A Game Podcast to end 2021 with the BiggerPockets Podcast host and real estate blackbelt David Greene!  This was a very popular episode as David is no stranger to bringing excellent content and a lifetime of experience in real estate investing to bring you one of our most popular interviews!  Link in bio for full episode and check the show notes to connect with David.

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Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with guest David Greene, co-host of the world famous, “Biggerpockets Podcast,” former police officer, current real estate investor, author of many successful real estate books and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner!

David is one of the most well known and respected individuals in in real estate and the founder of The David Greene Team, Keller Williams East County team, was the Keller Williams East County Rookie of the Year and can also help with mortgages and all your real estate needs in California.  David is the author of “Long Distance Real Estate Investing,” “The BRRRR Book” and “Sold! Every real estate Agent’s Guide To Building A Profitable Business.”  His podcast boasts over 100 Million Downloads and is one of the most popular real estate podcasts in the world.  David has created countless hours of content and has helped create a long list of successful investors, realtors and entrepreneurs all over the country!


Topics on this episode include:

✅ Should a new investor get their real estate license

✅ What are David’s favorite real estate investing strategies TODAY

✅ How to get creative and find deals in competitive markets

✅ How to scale up from buying a few properties a year to a few properties a month

✅ What is the biggest mistake people making using the BRRRR method


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