Re-Release #3 or 10 for 2021! We take a look back at one of our top ranked episodes of The A Game Podcast with the well known Open Door Capital Founder and BiggerPockets Podcast co-host Brandon Turner! Link in bio!

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with guest Brandon Turner, host of the world famous, “Biggerpockets Podcast,” author of many real estate books, founder of Open Door Capital, full time real estate investor and new Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiast!

In this episode we discuss getting started in real estate investing, the importance of focus and support from people in your life.  We go over why many people automatically go negative when they hear you are getting into real estate.  We talk about picking the right price points and areas to invest as well as ways to stress test your deals for an overdue market correction or real estate crash.

By the end of this episode you will learn why you need to be honest with yourself and how to train yourself to see positive outcomes rather than unrealistic problems. We go into tips and practices for hiring, ways to utilize interns to find long term team members that match your culture, we get into Jiu Jitsu and you will find out if Brandon will ever shave his beard!

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