Join Nick Lamagna as he sits down for the second time with one of the nation’s top real estate investors and educators, Bill Allen! Bill is one of the nation’s top house flippers, wholesalers, host of the 7 figure flipping podcast and a Navy pilot who accidentally fell into real estate investing due to his constant military moves.

We pick up where we left off 18 months ago and go deeper into his investing and coaching businesses that have absolutely exploded including BlackJack Real Estate, 7FigureFlipping and Flip Hacking Live!  Bill discusses crucial information he has experienced in the last couple of years to that he did right and wrong to help you grow your business faster and safer.

Topics for this episode include:

✅ What’s an average day for a millionaire 

✅ How to avoid bringing work problems home

✅ Tools to keep yourself accountable and structured 

✅ Step by step how to Hire and build a team 

Benefits to investing in a big market 

✅ Benefits to investing in small markets ➡️ More!

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