Nick Lamagna talks on this podcast with Alek Gilmore. Alek is a business mentor, speaker, and philanthropist. With his company Transcend Alpha he focuses on helping people experience the freedom of time and money they’ve always dreamed about. In this interview, he gives us an important message about having a vision of life and explains what The Alpha Mind System is.

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Show Notes

  • The Ideal Life Vision – 5:00
  • Becoming a better dad – 6:20
  • He tells us how he has to fight against his impatience – 6:50
  • How to talk to your children on a one to one level – 8:50
  • Recording a Life Vision – 11:00
  • Understanding the Alpha Mind System and Vision – 13:30
  • Troubles will always be there – 19:04
  • Being constantly aware of the things that happen in your life – 20:08
  • Trying to be 100% focused on what you want to do – 21:33
  • Why there will always be ups and downs – 24:24
  • Having the right people around you – 28:32
  • Keeping yourself positive and motivated – 30:55
  • Being a routine guy – 31:22
  • Focus on the important things that you have to do during the day -32:03
  • Everybody has a voice in their head – 35:17
  • Getting up and working out – 40:58
  • No matter what you do, be the best – 45:07
  • Keep a commitment and fulfill it- 46:50
  • Working as a coach and asking clients questions – 50:30
  • When we live in comfort we lose – 51:31
  • How Alek solves problems as a coach – 54:00
  • Types of people that Alek helps – 56:12
  • Finding a balance with everything in life – 59:40

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