Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with his guest, Michael John, founder of The Agoge Project 501c3 in Baltimore, MD.  Michael is using MMA, Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to shape the lives of the Baltimore youth by teaching them discipline and surrounding them with hope and positivity.  He started up this foundation and includes tutoring and mentoring for the children, truly giving back and serving them with their mind and athletic skills to build self worth, understand hard work and gain confidence in self defense and academics.  After working for Baltimore City Public Schools for a couple of years, he couldn’t get past the huge disparity between the lack of resources that his students were presented with on a daily basis and the resources that students 20 minutes up the road were given each day. He felt we can’t expect our youth in cities like Baltimore to live up to their full potential when their peers in areas outside of our urban environments have access to exponentially more resources and opportunities.  From there on, the Agoge Project set out on a path to offer a program that can bridge the gap and give students the resources and opportunities to excel in anything they come across in life. They are currently in their third year of official operation where our students have access to boxing/MMA training, academic support and mentoring services weekly at no cost to them or their families EVER. Once the new gym and full plan is in place they will provide over 700 hours of free out of school programming each year. The ultimate goal within the next five years is to transition out of teaching at Baltimore City public Schools and run the program six days a week with over  a 1,000 hours of out of school programming for our students a year with no cost to them or their families.

About Michael John:

Michael John just finished his 7th year as a Baltimore City Public School teacher, more specifically special education for the last three years. He grew up playing team sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball, and football, where he had the privilege to be coached by some great people. As a teenager he took up boxing and became obsessed with it which set him on a path that has changed his life. He has used the lessons that he has learned through training in every aspect of life and uses those lessons to teach his students.

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