Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with guest, Sean Patrick Flanery, a Renzo Gracie Brazilian Jiu JItsu Black Belt, actor from Boondock Saints and writer and star of Born A Champion.

Sean Patrick Flanery is an actor, writer, author and actor as well as a well-known Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiast and active black belt as well as business owner.  Sean is a Pan-Am and American National’s champion and is now passing on the BJJ and wresting values and techniques to his children and students at Houston BJJ.  Sean has a new movie out called Born A Champion co-starring Dennis Quaid and Katrina Bowden, streaming in all the usual spots such as Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video. He was star of the cult classic The Boondock Saints as well as The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Powder, Suicide Kings and Dexter among many others as well as the author of the book Jane Two.

By the end of this episode you will about lessons taught from a young age on building character and working for what you want as well as how martial arts can reinforce those values and build some of the most genuine friends and community you will find.  You will hear about the importance of the fundamentals in life and business and surrounding yourself with people who celebrate one another’s victories and hard work.  This will be a great episode for Jiu Jitsu and grappling buffs as well as we discuss the different styles and mindsets to training and fighting in deep detail.

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