Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with guest Kaylee McMahon aka “The Apartment Queen”. Kaylee is the founder of The Apartment Queen Investments, as well as the ShevestAPP App and co-founder of Big Sister Security.  She is the host of the “#1 Leading Ladies Podcast” featuring such powerhouses as Elena Cardone and Sharon Lechter. 

Kaylee is known for providing education and opportunities to women related to creating passive income and building wealth through multi-family real estate investing. She has an impressive portfolio closing in on 1000 units and has purchased over 68.2 million in multifamily real estate as General partner and principle and has sold over 3 million dollars in residential real estate.

Topics this episode include:

✅ Transitioning from residential to commercial real estate

✅ Top risks in multifamily real estate investing to avoid

✅ What makes a good market for commercial real estate

✅ Red flags to look for in mentors and leaders

✅ How to find multifamily properties through brokers 

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