After a 30 minute motivating intro and update on what’s going on with and what’s to come with The A Game Podcast from Nick himself, he is then joined with John Condlin, host of The Salty Veteran Podcast.   They talk about his life experience from being a Navy Veteran, working as an aviation electronics technician simply to try something new in his life to now Real Estate Investing and even taking Stand Up Comedy classes. He is experiencing life to the fullest and always bringing his A Game! By the end of this episode, you will be inspired to make changes in your life, take chances and get the courage to do what makes you happy, whether it’s with trying something new or learning a new trade, hobby or business you always have to put in the time to get the results!

John Condlin eventually turned to Real Estate Investing simply because it was something new that he wanted to succeed in. The two also discuss some of their favorite podcasts and how they admire the hosts for truly putting in their time and dues
to be at the Top-Level.

About John Condlin and The Salty Veteran Podcast:  The Salty Veteran podcast is hosted and recorded by active duty and veterans of the U.S. military, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. They provide a platform for active duty military
and veterans to promote their businesses, discuss politics and speak their mind. The military life and their experiences have developed them a twisted sense of humor and provide an alternate take on many social issues.

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