Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with guest, Hakeem Valles, former NFL Player, real estate investor, founder of Perspective Global Media and host of the, “Don’t Sleep On TikTok Podcast,” best selling author and and award winning high performance coach.

Hakeem has an impressive resume building a real estate portfolio all of the country while he played in the NFL and continues to scale up and invest in real estate with an impressive diversification even into the cannabis side of land development. He is a capital raiser, podcast host, proud father and has figured out how to build your brand and grow your audience on LinkedIn and TikTok.  His company Perspective Global Media helps many investors, businessmen and influencers so the true data and facts about the platforms and Hakeem shares how some great stories, tips and mindset from the brain of a professional athlete on discipline, goal setting and how to think about your competition

By the end of this episode you have eliminated preconcieved notions about social media platforms such as TikTok and realize you have the opportunity of a lifetime still to but it will not be here forever.  You will take in tips and advice on how to start investing in multifamily, how to pick markets to invest and ways to grow your portfolio and your followers and even as an agent how to bring in more business!  We discuss the how to be present in the moment, the meaning of happiness, why you should have a podcast and purpose driven social media!

Contact us for the free replay of the webinar Hakeem did on How to Build Brand on TikTok and check out our free real estate investing book on our website in Bio!

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