Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with guest Derek Videll, Instagram Marketing Secrets founder, social media marketing master & Host of top ranked, “The Social Bamboo Podcast.” Derek has a 7.5 year career in direct sales behind him that he utilizes in combination with knowledge of social media algorithms to bring you unique social media growth and sales strategies.  He has mastered B2C business growth, the art of the social media giveaways as well as having a proven track record in ecommerce.  He has become an authority on social media bringing fresh content in an ever changing industry on all platforms with a solid foundation on Instagram.

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Topics In This Episode Include:

✅  How to properly use hashtags 

✅  Can you have organic growth on Instagram without Paying?

✅  What are the most important things to track on your Instagram profile

✅  How to run ads on a small budget

✅  How to identify and fix banned hashtags

✅  Common mistakes that could kill your engagement

✅  Is it better to make a post, a story or a Reelz? ➡️ And More!

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