Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast and Real Estate Investor/
Broker/Entrepreneur Austin Hartley. Playing the odds early in life, he
witnessed that the millionaires he studied and the success he wanted
was all in real estate. Along with its financial freedom and passive
income, it was definitely his ideal ticket to the top. With his passion for
learning and growth Austin started The Passion First Podcast on
iTunes and YouTube with the goal of sharing the experiences,
knowledge and wisdom of successful individuals, like real estate
investors, business owners and entrepreneurs that have also taken
risks to follow their dreams of helping others do the same!
By the end of this episode, you will learn how you can build your brand
on social media, how you can be more productive and what the real
difference between successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs is. And
live by Austin’s method which is.. Impact, Influence and Ignite the lives
around you!

About Austin Hartley:
Austin is an experienced real estate Broker who specializes working
with residential buyers, sellers and investors. He is also well versed in
everything from land development, new construction homes, and
more. He enjoys using his specialized knowledge in digital marketing
after running his own marketing agency and he also has a passion for
videography and photography. Austin also is also real estate investor/
entrepreneur with a focus on multi-family value add projects. He is
also active in single family investing and is a part of the Renatus real
estate investing community in Denver.

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