Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with guest, Alex Ottewell, owner of Manor Green Investments, who has made millions flipping mobile homes.

Although Alex owns multiple business and does different asset classes he is referred to in the industry as the “King of Trailers.”  He is a true entrepreneur in every sense of the word embracing the mindset and approach to taking risks, creating processes, finding creative solutions and helping people along the way.  Alex also is the man behind MGI Phone Services, a company dedicated to providing the best and most well trained staff in real estate, to assist in seller-direct cold calling.  We talk about his background coming over from England and what truly drives him .  He gives insight into the brain and business of a man who recently turned 45k into $250,000 in just one transaction!

By the end of this episode you will learn how to shift your mind to feel more secure taking risks.  You will be inspired to restructure your goals and figure out what actually fulfills you and reignites your drive for success.  You will understand the importance helping those in need and seeing the positive things money can do when you are in a place to empower and impact others.  We will dive into investing in mobile homes and why you may have the wrong impression of the asset class and clients involved.  Lastly you will understand the difference between the fake investors posing with Lamborghinis on Instagram and what goes into actually owning one from a man who does!

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